Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review - Amopé Pedi Perfect Electronic Pedicure Foot File

I like to wear sandals most of the time when it's not cold, and I'm very conscious of how my feet look when I'm wearing open shoes or going barefoot.  Unfortunately, I got dry cracked feet, so I have tried every product for feet, like Pedi Egg, lotions, and pumice stones, but none of them worked fine for me.  I have seen a podiatrist every-month to get my calluses removed, but my dry skin started to return after a few days.

I got this Electronic Pedicure as a present from my cousin last month. I opened the package and tried it right away, as I wondered if this machine is as good as my cousin said. To my surprise, my dry cracked feet became smooth in about 10 minutes.  I followed up with a moisturizer afterwards as instructed, and can't believe how nice and soft my feet feel ! I started using it almost daily because I love it so much.  After 2 weeks,  it's like I have completely new feet. You never would have known my feet were terribly cracked and hard.

This foot file is so easy to use, and easy to clean,  with no fear of cutting yourself.  It runs on four AA batteries which comes with the Pedi Perfect. The file is wide covering a large area, and giving you quite a bit of file to work with . The power buffer works quickly and easily. It works best when the skin is dry. You will see a fine cloud of exfoliated skin being whisked away as you apply a gentle pressure. Make sure not to press too hard. if you apply too much pressure, it will definitely slow the motor down.  It really wants a light touch for best results.

Since I got this Pedi Perfect, my feet started to look and feel like normal feet. I'm no longer embarrassed by my scary feet, and I'm going to save lots of money because I don't  have to go to get a pedicure to get rid of my nasty heels.

Overall, this foot file works the best than any other things I had tried to Get Rid of Calluses on My Feet, and I really love how easy and handy this device is. I would definitely recommend this to my friends and family.

For more information and the best price, please click the link below or visit Walmart. Thank you.

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