Sunday, June 4, 2017

Review - Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser

My dentist told me I had periodontal disease, with quite a few 6mm or more pockets in my gums. She wanted me to undergo root planing. The thought of that made me sick, not to mention the horrendous cost involved. I bought this waterpik and I used it every morning for a year, and added anti-bacterial mouth wash to the water. My teeth feel really clean after every use, and I usually notice bits of food getting washed away that my toothbrush couldn't get. 

An year later I went back for my dental check up and there was no sign of periodontal disease any more, my gum pockets were all within normal healthy readings. I am very happy with the result. Maybe, it wouldn't work for everyone, but it certainly did for me. It's got to be worth trying before submitting yourself to intensive gum laceration!

The pressure knob on waterpik is easy to control, so that if you have one area of your mouth that is more sensitive, you can easily reach over and adjust the pressure setting while still using the machine.  This unit is quieter than my friend's Conair.  It comes with several color-coded attachments for different members of the family that work really well. My daughter has braces and loves using this rather than trying to floss around all of that metal and wires. It is so convenient and it also works great for my daughter. 

I have to say that I'm incredibly impressed with this waterpik!  I definitely would recommend this product. For more information and the best price with free 2-day shipping, please click the link below to Walmart. Thank you.

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