Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Lose Weight in a Smart Way: EatSmart Precision Digital Bathroom Scale - Review

Years ago when I started to become serious about controlling my weight, I bought a doctors balance beam scale, because at the time this seemed like the only thing that would give accurate and repeatable results.  That old scale was big and cumbersome and I wanted something smaller that would still be accurate.

I'm really impressed with this scale since I received it around a month ago.  It is sturdy with contemporary look.  Besides, It is even more accurate and the results easily repeatable. The precision is 0.2 lbs. On the balance beam scale, it was zero point twenty five lb. Step on, step off, step on, step off, you'll always get the same results (unless you eat donuts or drink something in between).

This scale has three measurement settings: pounds, kilograms, and stones. The operation of the scale is simple. The scale idles on an off stage. When you step on it, it turns on and measures your weight. When you get off, it retains your result for a few seconds, and unless you or someone else steps on again, it turns back off.  

If you want to get a consistent accurate reading at very competitive price, this is the scale for you.

·         2013 EatSmart "Step-On" technology - No more tapping scale to turn on. Step on and get instant readings! No slip feet keep you scale stable.
·         Large 3.5" LCD display w/ Accubright blue backlight - Easy to read from any distance or angle!
·         4 High Precision EatSmart Sensors - Consistent and accurate measurement up to 400 lbs or 180 kgs every time; Graduation increments of .2 lbs. / 3oz. Sturdy 8mm thick tempered glass top and large 12" x 13" platform
·         FREE EatSmart Body Tape Measure now included - Another great tool to monitor progress!
·         Auto Calibrated; Auto Power-Off; Runs on 4 AAA batteries (included); 100% EatSmart Satisfaction Guarantee.

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